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The legacy by the late Vera Jensen will endure forever in the communities of the Mission and Jocko Valleys. By contributing her estate, Vera changed the base of opportunity for small, non-profit organizations and others to do great things in their communities.

The Lower Flathead Valley Community Foundation funds granted in excess of $100,000.00 annually – all derived from its endowment fund and investment earnings. Those dollars supplied materials and paid for the presentation of programs in local libraries for children’s summer reading activities, school playground projects, school reading programs, and student achievement activities. The Foundation has helped local communities improve facilities – the Arlee Senior Citizens Center received a new roof, the Ronan City Library built an addition, and the Leon Club House near Charlo added handicapped access.

Local Youth recreation programs such as youth baseball and American Legion baseball have improved their facilities and programs. Local historical societies, the Polson Museum, the Garden of the Rockies Museum of Ronan, and other small organizations have also benefited from the fruits of the invested funds of the Lower Flathead Valley Community Foundation.


A Voice —–$3,000.00
American Legion Post 138 Boys State —–$1,000.00
Arlee Buttercup Run —–$4,000.00
Arlee Community Dev. Corp. after school art —–$1,500.00
Arlee Historical Society —–$1,500.00
Arlee Senior Center —–$3,000.00
Arlee Youth Baseball —–$1,000.00
Art for the Sky —–$3,100.00
Big Brother Big Sisters —–$23,000.00
Bison Range Grassland Habitat Conserv. —–$750.00
Bob Bell Big Sky 203 gold star pin —–$1,000.00
Boys and Girls Club —–$111,500.00
Boys and Girls Club learning Center —–$3,000.00
Bread Basket —–$4,000.00
CASA —–$3,000.00
Charlo Baseball —–$6,718.75
Charlo Fine Arts —–$300.00
Charlo Playground Equipment —–$2,500.00
Charlo PTO —–$1,317.00
Charlo Softball Concess —–$1,700.00
Cherry Valley PTA —– $1,000.00
Cherry Valley School Science Project —–$750.00
Christian Yellow Kidney bike trip —–$1,850.00
City of Polson swimming —–$2,000.00
City of Ronan —–$30,000.00
City of Ronan Park —–$7,500.00
Coalition for Kids —–$2,131.79
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes TERS —–$3,000.00
CS&KT Compassion Capital Demo Grant—– $1,500.00
CS&KT Cultural Committee —–$6,473.00
C’Arcy McNickel Library —–$6,475.00
D’Aste Womens Service Group —–$3,000.00
DARE —–$3,000.00
Dayton Park playground equipment —–$8,504.12
Dixon Public Schools —–$4,000.00
DNRC —–$1,081.00
DOVES —–$4,200.00
Drive for Live Sagmiller ALS Fund —–$750.00
Edelman Duckworth Wheel Park Match —–$3,000.00
Elmo Arts and Crafts Building —–$8,569.05
Filaree Bassett scholarship —–$1,250.00
Flathead Reservation Area Historical Society—– $10,415.87
Fort Connah Restoration —–$2,000.00
Friends of Arlee —–$7,000.00
Hostorical Society of the Flathead Reservation —–$3,000.00
Hot Springs Community Pool —–$1,750.00
Hot Springs Public Schools playground equipment —–$3,000.00
Jeremy Basler Bill of Rights Project —–$1,600.00
Jocko Valley Public Library —–$4,500.00
Joint Restor Project —-$19,025.00
Jonathon Crosby off leash dog park —–$3,000.00
Lake County Sheriff K-9 project —–$1,000.00
Lake County Chemical Dependency —–$722.00
Lake County School Historians —–$2,663.00
Lake County Search and Rescue —–$4,760.00
Lake County Spelling Bee—– $1,755.00
Lake County Supt. Of Schools —–$100.00
Leon Community Club —–$13,000.00
Linderman Schhol Water Quality Educ. Binoculars —–$2,999.00
Little Bitterroon 4-H Club —–$2,000.00
Miracle of America Museum —–$1,500.00
Mission 2000 —–$3,000.00
Mission 2000 —–$3,000.00
Mission Range Event Complex —–$13,556.00
Mission Valley Animal Shelter—– $3,000.00
Mission Valley Aquatics pool design —–$4,300.00
Mission Valley Food Pantry —–$14,500.00
Mission Valley Heritage Ass. —–$32,500.00
Mission Valley High School Rodeo Club —–$1,400.00
Mission Valley Mariners —–$2,620.00
Mission Valley Senior Center kitchen cabinets —–$2,000.00
Mission Valley Sports Medicine —–$1,000.00
Montana Tech scholarship —–$1,250.00
Montana Waterfowl Assn. —–$2,000.00
North Crow Creek Womens Club—– $3,000.00
One Book One Community —–$4,200.00
Owl Research Institute—– $10,000.00
Pablo Christian Church Project kid care —–$960.00
Parc tent facility —–$2,000.00
Pheasant Forever —–$750.00
PHS We the People —–$1,000.00
Polson Animal Control —–$500.00
Polson Baseball Softball Assn —–$880.00
Polson Chamber Fest of All —–$500.00
Polson City Library—– $24,355.00
Polson Close Up —–$2,999.00
Polson Flathead Historical Museum —–$3,550.00
Polson Food Banks —–$1,000.00
Polson High School —–$4,000.00
Polson Middle School Climbing Wall —–$3,000.00
Polson Outdoors firearm safety —–$1,600.00
Polson Partnership —–$4,650.00
Polson Police Depart, —–$1,000.00
Polson PTO —–$1,000.00
Polson School Child Reading —–$600.00
Polson Softball and Baseball Assn. —–$2,000.00
Polson Stadium and Activities Committee —–$5,000.00
Polson Wheel Park Assn. —–$5,000.00
Polson Youth Soccer —–$1,500.00
Preston Town County Library —–$1,500.00
Read to the Children Polson Partnership Project —–$600.00
Reading is Fundamental book giveaway —–$500.00
Ronan Baseball Assn. —–$2,175.00
Ronan City Library —–$21,950.00
Ronan Pablo Summer Rec. —–$17,014.00
Ronan Senior Class —–$600.00
Roxeanne Hovencotter (VISTA) —–$750.00
S&K Front keyboard update —–$3,000.00
S&K Traditional Games —–$1,000.00
Safe Harbor —–$2,627.00
Salish Field research —–$8,608.00
Salish Language Revitalization—– $1,725.00
Salish Point —–$6,000.00
Salish Point promo and grant writing —–$10,000.00
Salish Point Swam Platform —–$3,000.00
School Dist #23 loop path —–$3,000.00
School Dist #30 Jr. Class book project —–$1,995.00
Skate St.Ignatius —–$8,000.00
SKC Cultural Arts —–$4,500.00
St. Ignatius Community Action—– $3,000.00
St. Ignatius Destination Imagination —–$3,000.00
St. Ignatius Food Bank —–$1,000.00
St. Ignatius Schools —–$5,300.00
St. Ignatius Veterans Memorial —–$1,500.00
St. Luke Healthcare Foundation—– $4,000.00
TERS —–$5,000.00
TERS community record project —–$6,000.00
Tom Savage Natl Sports Center for Disabled —–$1,000.00
Valley View School —–$3,332.00
We the People Polson High School—– $2,000.00
YLEI —–$2,750.00
YMCA —–$6,000.00
Young Leader Expedition Inst. —–$2,500.00


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